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Private Blood Tests

Gain a deeper understanding of your health with private blood tests in Ashford.


Private Blood Tests In Ashford 

As a skilled medical practitioner, Nurse Georgi is dedicated to promoting internal wellness. That's why, in line with our commitment to your holistic health, we've proudly partnered with Forth to offer private blood testing services. 

These tests provide valuable insights into your health status so that you can take control of your body. They can also flag any fluctuations in hormones and vitamins that may be contributing to a decline in your overall wellbeing.

Safe Transportation & Quick Results 

At a consultation in our clinic in Ashford, Nurse Georgi will discuss your health goals, concerns and testing preferences. Based on this, you'll select the test that you feel most appropriate in addressing your needs. In a comfortable setting, Nurse Georgi will then collect your bloods and safely store it for transportation. 

A trusted courier will collect your sample and transport it to the biomedical specialists at Forth who will conduct a comprehensive analysis. You'll receive your results within two working days of your initial appointment.

Moving forward, Nurse Georgi is on hand to deliver a personalised treatment plan for any skin concerns the blood test may identify.


Advanced Energy Test - £182

An advanced energy blood test will check key nutrients such as Vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin along with magnesium and stress-related cortisol.

Advanced Wellbeing Check - £229

The advanced health check examines a total of 39 biomarkers, covering your heart, kidney, liver, nutrition, immune, muscle and hormone health.

Female Hormone Imbalance - £134

A female hormone imbalance test checks 11 key biomarkers which might be causing symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, acne or irregular periods.

Pre-Diabetes - £87

The pre-diabetes blood test will measure your average blood glucose levels over a 10-12 week period to reduce your risk of type 2 disease.

Male Hormones - £134

The male hormones blood test can help uncover an imbalance in testosterone which can affect strength, weight and libido.

Menopause Check - £164

A menopause check maps your hormones across your entire menstrual cycle, helping you to understand whether you’re in perimenopause.

Tiredness & Fatigue - £130

The tiredness and fatigue blood test covers the most common causes of chronic tiredness including anaemia, thyroid conditions, vitamin deficiencies and low iron.


Take Control Of Your Health & Wellbeing 

Our private blood tests in Ashford offer a holistic approach to health and wellness, empowering you to take control of your wellbeing.

Whether you're seeking to optimise your health, address specific skin concerns, or simply gain a deeper understanding of your body, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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