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Chemical Peels In Ashford


What Is A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels provide a trusted method for achieving radiant, youthful and healthier-looking skin. They utilise specialised chemical solutions to remove damaged or dead skin cells, and exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin.


At our aesthetic skin clinic in Kent, we advise considering a chemical peel if you have wrinkled, discoloured or acne prone skin.

What Concerns Do Chemical Peels Target?

Chemical peels can address a wide range of skin concerns. Primarily, the treatment helps to reduce the appearance of post-acne marks, fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture by exfoliating dry, flaky skin and fade pigmentation caused by hormonal factors


By regulating the production of sebum, chemical peels even help to control excess oiliness, leaving your skin feeling balanced.


How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Chemical peels work by applying a specially formulated solution to the skin. This solution initiates controlled exfoliation, causing the top layers of skin to peel away gently. As the skin naturally regenerates, it appears fresher, smoother and more youthful. 


Our nurses Georgi and Danni provide medical grade chemical peels from Epidermal5. This treatment promotes skin cell renewal at a microscopic level, eliminating the need for any downtime since it doesn't result in visible peeling.

 How Long Will It Take To See Results?

The results of a chemical peel can vary depending on your skin’s condition. However, improvement is often visible after just one treatment, with ongoing enhancement as your skin continues to regenerate.


For optimal results, we recommend that you attend a series of treatments at our aesthetic skin clinic in Kent.

What To Expect During Your Chemical Peel Treatment?

At Sorella, we prioritise your comfort and wellbeing. During your chemical peel appointment, our experienced professionals will assess your skin and customise the treatment to suit your needs. 


The procedure itself is quick and generally takes no more than 15 minutes. Most importantly, there’s no downtime, so you can return to your daily activities immediately.

Why Choose Our Kent Aesthetics Clinic For Your Chemical Peel Treatment?

We’re led by experienced senior nurses, Georgi and Danni. Prioritising your safety and wellbeing, our background in advanced clinical practice allows us to provide the highest standard of care. 

With a ‘Full Face Ethos’, we impart comprehensive advice on future treatments to ensure long-lasting results. Moreover, our discrete and inclusive environment is welcome to all.
For a transformative dermal filler experience that is focused on safety, care and the enhancement of your natural features, schedule your consultation at our clinic in Ashford.

Chemical Peel Treatment Summary

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost?

At our medical aesthetic clinic in Kent, skin boosters are priced from £45 per treatment.

Chemical Peel Aftercare

At Sorella, we’ll provide you with a personalised chemical peel treatment aftercare plan. However, you should avoid any products that can irritate your skin, such as toners and exfoliants.

Who Are Chemical Peels Suitable For?

Chemical peels are suitable for individuals looking to address acne, ageing, pigmentation or texture irregularities. 


They should be avoided if you have taken acne oral medication within the last six months or are pregnant.

Pre-Treatment Tips

Before your treatment, avoid blood-thinning medication such as ibuprofen, and refrain from drinking alcohol. Please do not stop any prescribed medication.

Suggested Interval For Chemical Peels

A one-off treatment can provide immediate results. But in general, we recommend that you receive a chemical peel treatment every six weeks.


Our medically-trained nurses will provide a future treatment plan based on your skin’s individual requirements.

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