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Skin Treatments At Sorella

We believe that skincare is more than just a routine - it’s an art and science combined.

Revitalising Treatments For Rejuvenated Skin

At Sorella, we approach skincare holistically to ensure that our clients are both informed and empowered to make the best choice for their skin.


In a relaxing and inclusive environment, our varying treatments have been selected to address your unique needs. 


Whether you’re hoping to revitalise your complexion, combat signs of ageing or achieve a radiant glow, our skilled practitioners Georgi and Dani will guide you every step of the way. 


In our aesthetic skin clinic, we provide Hydrafacials, Chemical Peels and Dermaplanning.


Our Services


A Hydrafacial is a multi-step deep cleansing and hydrating treatment designed to combat anti-ageing, congestion and dull or pigmented skin. It’s appropriate for every skin type.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a professional skincare treatment that utilises a specialised chemical solution to exfoliate the skin’s outer layers. It helps to reduce the appearance of post-acne marks, fine lines and wrinkles.


Microneedling uses a device containing needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. These micro-injections trigger the body's natural healing processes to improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Skin Boosters

Designed to hydrate the skin and prevent the signs of ageing, skin boosters restore the production of collagen. They’re made from a specialised hyaluronic acid which improves moisture and elasticity.

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