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The Nurses Network

Sorella Aesthetics is the South East regional lead for The Nurses Network - a hub for aesthetician leadership.


What Is The Nurses Network?

The Nurses Network was founded by three nurses in the aesthetics field. Realising the need for a collaborative network within the industry, they created a central hub connecting practitioners across the UK. 

Through this hub, The Nurses Network aims to enhance collaboration, facilitate training and provide mentorship in the aesthetics profession.

Every region is elected a lead for The Nurses Network - and Georgi and Danni have been elected for the South East! 

This opportunity will allow them to share their expertise with other aesthetic nurses across the region, to ensure safe medical practice for all. 

Will This Benefit Me As A Client?

Georgi and Danni have been elected as regional leads for their outstanding contribution to aesthetics. Whilst your treatments won't change, you can take comfort in knowing that our passion for safe and ethical aesthetics is the reason we've been handpicked to represent the South East!

In 2024, we'll embark on a host of mentoring opportunities and events to expand our aesthetic network. We'll also create a portal to help other practitioners refine their expertise.


To learn more about The Nurses Network, click the link below.

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