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Skin Boosters

Improve hydration and elasticity with Skin Boosters in Ashford.


What Are Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters are fast becoming our most popular treatment at Sorella. Designed to hydrate the skin and prevent the root causes of ageing, these highly effective injectables work by replenishing and stimulating the production of collagen.


At our medical aesthetic clinic in Kent, our skilled practitioners Georgi and Danni administer skin boosters to improve texture, hydration, elasticity and overall appearance.

What Concerns Do Skin Booster Treatments Target?

Skin boosters target a variety of concerns, including loss of elasticity, uneven texture, acne scarring and sun damage. They effectively hydrate the skin, restore its radiance and minimise the appearance of imperfections. 


Whether you’re seeking to rejuvenate or improve overall skin quality, skin boosters provide a comprehensive solution.

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How Do Skin Boosters Work?

At our aesthetic skin clinic, we’ll inject a specialised hyaluronic acid formula directly into your skin’s deeper layers. Naturally occuring in the body, hyaluronic acid is a hydrating, collagen-boosting agent.


When administered by our skilled nurses, these tiny injections help to restore moisture, improve skin elasticity and promote the production of collagen.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Most skin booster treatments require two to three sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart. Whilst you may notice an immediate improvement in skin hydration and texture, the full benefits can typically be seen up to two weeks after each session. 


At a free review appointment in our aesthetic clinic in Kent, we’ll assess your progress and ensure that any tweaks or adjustments are made as needed.

What To Expect During Your Skin Booster Treatment?

At Sorella, we prioritise your comfort and wellbeing. Our appointments are designed to be thorough, with plenty of time to discuss your concerns, create a personalised treatment plan and ensure you feel at ease. 


The treatment itself is quick and virtually painless. Our team will rely on their expertise to administer the skin booster injections precisely, minimising discomfort and any risk of bruising. 

We’ll choose Profhilo, Seventy Hyal, Jalpuro or Lumi Eyes depending on your treatment goals.

Why Choose Our Kent Aesthetics Clinic For Your Skin Booster Treatment?

We’re led by experienced senior nurses, Georgi and Danni. Prioritising your safety and wellbeing, our background in advanced clinical practice allows us to provide the highest standard of care. 

With a ‘Full Face Ethos’, we impart comprehensive advice on future treatments to ensure long-lasting results. Moreover, our discrete and inclusive environment is welcome to all.
For a transformative dermal filler experience that is focused on safety, care and the enhancement of your natural features, schedule your consultation at our clinic in Ashford.

Skin Booster Treatment Summary

How Much Do Skin Boosters Cost?

At our medical aesthetic clinic in Kent, skin boosters are priced from £150 per treatment.

Skin Booster Treatment Aftercare

At Sorella, we’ll provide you with a personalised skin booster treatment aftercare plan. However, you should stay hydrated, avoid exercise, excessive heat and direct sunlight for 24 hours.

Who Are Skin Booster Treatments Suitable For?

A skin booster treatment is suitable for individuals looking to prevent the visible signs of ageing, reduce existing fine lines or rejuvenate the skin.

Skin Booster Pre-Treatment Tips

Before your treatment, avoid blood-thinning medication such as ibuprofen, and refrain from drinking alcohol. Please do not stop any prescribed medication.

Suggested Interval For Skin Booster Injections

In general, the results of your skin booster treatment can be expected to last for up to six months.


Our medically-trained nurses will provide a future treatment plan based on your skin’s individual requirements.

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