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Why an Aesthetic Consultation is the First Step towards Your Dream Look

What is an Aesthetic Consultation?

An aesthetic consultation is an important first step towards achieving your dream look. It is a personalised session with a qualified Nurse, who specialises in skincare and rejuvenation treatments. During this consultation, our aesthetic nurses will assess the current condition of your skin, discuss your goals and concerns, and create a tailored treatment plan just for you.

Whether you are interested in reducing wrinkles, tightening your skin, or undergoing facial rejuvenation, an aesthetic consultation will provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to make informed decisions about your skincare journey. We may recommend various treatments such as botox, profhilo, dermal fillers or skin treatments to help you achieve your desired results.

By booking an aesthetic consultation, you are taking the first step towards enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your self-confidence. It allows you to have an open and honest conversation about your skincare concerns and expectations. Remember, our goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome while prioritising your skin health and ensuring natural-looking results.

After Your Consultation: What Comes Next?

After your consultation, the aesthetician will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your desires, expectations and within your budget.

Once you've agreed on the recommended treatments, we provide any pre-treatment instructions. This may include avoiding certain medications, skincare products, or activities leading up to your appointment to ensure the best possible results.

On the day of your treatment, you can expect a comfortable and professional experience. The aesthetician will carefully administer the treatments according to the plan discussed during your consultation. They will also provide you with any post-treatment instructions to help you maximise your results and minimise any potential side effects.

After your treatment, you may experience some temporary redness, swelling, or bruising, depending on the specific treatment. These effects should subside within a few days, and you'll start to see the initial results of your treatment.

Remember, your aesthetic journey doesn't end after one session. Depending on the treatments recommended, you may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. We will guide you on the recommended frequency and duration of your treatments.

All our consultations are free of charge so why not book in today and see how we can help you achieve your dream look.

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Oct 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Can‘t wait for my consultation!

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