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ALLUZIENCE- The Botox that lasts 6 months!

We are very excited to introduce Alluzience from Galderma. And YES you read correctly- this is first Botox in the world to last 6 months!

A vile of botox and syringe

Alluzience is a brand new botulinum toxin preparation that lasts on average for double the amount of time compared to standard botox. It works in exactly the same way as the brands you are used to but its innovative compound means it works quicker and lasts longer. Studies show 23% of patients report an effect with one day, and over 50% of patients report an effect within only 2-3 days. - Quicker onset than other brands, rapid response within a few days - Long-lasting, up to 6 months (average) vs. 3 months (standard botox) - Affordable, effective, safe - Free from human and animal-derived proteins -Less appointments per year with a cost saving implication -Prices are competitive with three areas costing £305. So no more waiting for weeks for your Botox to kick in and only two appointments per year!

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09 de set. de 2023
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Can’t wait to have this!

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